water and wastewater industry

Water and Wastewater

Regulatory agencies use particle size and concentration values to determine compliance with water quality standards. Engineers working on filtration systems may rely on particle characterization analyses in the development process. For these reasons, Particle Technology Labs’ services can provide invaluable information to those in the water and wastewater industries.


Safety and Filtration – Particle characterization results can be used to evaluate filtration systems and adhere to wastewater regulation effluent standards. City municipalities use particle size and characterization analyses to ensure safe drinking water and the water quality of industry discharge. Process water engineers use particle size and concentration data when designing water filtration systems.

Data Quality – while other techniques are sometimes used depending on project goal, Single Particle Optical Sensing (SPOS) / Light Obscuration, Electric Sensing Zone and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis are widely used. These techniques are particle counters and thus provide higher resolution distributions as they measure individual particles in a sample. This results in data that provides advantages over other types of testing for the design and monitoring of water filtration and treatment systems.

Sample Materials

Cooling Tower Process Water
Drinking Water
Estuary Runoff
Runoff from Mining Tailings
Deep Sea Water and Sediment
River Water Containing Silt
Stormwater Runoff
Zoo Aquarium Water
Stock Yard Runoff
Municipal Water Treatment Samples
Water used in Space

This is only a small representation of the material types we have analyzed for the water and wastewater industry. Please contact us with any questions, or fill out a quote request form for all of your particle characterization needs. We look forward to hearing from you.