Process Overview


Fill Out Forms

• Laboratory Service Order
• Purchase Order or CC
• Safety Data Sheet (if applicable)


Ship Sample

• Include forms
• Note closure dates
• Tips for shipping samples
• Tips for international shipping


Confirmation Receipt

• Get receipt confirmation by email and will inform you of any questions or concerns


Preliminary Results

• Receive preliminary results by email
• 10-, 6- ,and 2-day service available


Final PDF Report

• Receive final report digitally through Sharefile®, a secure file sharing service

Complete the Laboratory Service Order (LSO) Form

This form must accompany any sample sent for lab service work. Please note that orders will not be processed until this information is complete.


The PDF form can be filled in electronically and printed. Or print the blank form and fill it in by hand. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to read the PDF, download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Section 1: The Analytical Contact will be contacted regarding any technical questions on the analysis and will receive the results.

Section 3: The Accounts Payable Contact is the person who can answer questions regarding payment and will receive the invoice.

Section 4: The Payment Method must be completed with either a PO or credit card number in order to start processing your order. Please call 630-403-0126 if you prefer to provide credit card information by phone.

Section 5: Please provide any special instructions pertaining to your order, for example; instructions regarding sample preparation or requests to discuss before testing starts.

Section 6: Please review each and every section and check all that apply to your order.

Section 7: The PTL Quote Number should be filled in if you have received a formal price quote from our sales department. The number is shown on your quotation. If you have previously submitted sample material for analysis, providing the PTL project number and/or test method number is helpful.

Section 8: Your final report will use the Material Name and Sample IDs exactly as specified in this section. Please ensure that the spelling and identification numbers are correct.

Complete DEA Form 222 If Your Sample Is a Schedule II Controlled Substance

**This form must be completed to purchase or transfer schedule II controlled substances.**

Tips for International Shipping to PTL

PTL welcomes and works with clients in more than 35 countries. To limit or prevent shipping delays and to avoid unexpected additional fees on your final invoice, we offer the following information compiled from several shipping companies.

If possible, please ship samples using a common U.S. courier who can assist in international shipments to the U.S. such as UPS, FedEx or DHL. Contact the shipper directly with questions regarding customs paperwork.

**A commercial invoice or Pro Forma invoice is required for any shipment to pass through U.S. customs. It is important to include as much information as possible on the invoice. Omitting any information on your invoice may result in shipping delays.**

The following information should be included on the commercial invoice accompanying your international sample shipment to PTL:

1. Shipper information
Company contact information in full including:
Address, phone number, email address, contact name of individual to be contacted with any questions about the shipment, value and added Tax number (VAT)

2. Consignee (PTL’s information)
Attn: Order Entry
Particle Technology Labs
555 Rogers Street, Suite #4
Downers Grove, IL 60515-3776
Phone: 630-382-8758

3. Importer
Name and address of purchaser (importer) if different from the consignee, including a contact name and telephone number.

4. Invoice Date

5. Purchase Order or Invoice Number, if applicable.

6. Complete detailed description of samples being shipped

  • Full description including reason/intended use.
  • Number of units, unit value, and total value of each item. For samples or articles with no commercial value, a nominal or fair-market value must be stated for customs purposes.

7. Non-drug samples
US HTS (Harmonized Tariff Code, 10 digit number)

8. For drug products

  • US HTS (Harmonized Tariff Code, 10 digit number)
  • FDA Product Code, Program Code, Processing Code and Intended Use Code
  • FDA Affirmation of Compliance (AOC) – if applicable
  • Name, Address, Country of Manufacturer
  • FDA FEI number for Manufacturing Facility
  • If required by the courier, a TSCA declaration and/or End Use Letter can be furnished by PTL upon request. To complete your request, you must provide the material type (chemical name).
  • Medical Device Listing (MDL) or 501(k) number. If none, state “Samples not Marketed in the United States”.
  • Product manufacturer’s full address and country of origin.
  • Declared value or insurance charges, total value of shipment including currency of settlement.
  • Provide instructions for sample or return of samples. Example: “Samples disposed of after analysis” or “samples returned to manufacturer after analysis.”

9. Reason for export
Include statement that the sample materials are for testing purposes only. Example: “No commercial value or clinical application, for testing purposes only.”

10. Shipper’s signature and date

  • Sign and date invoice certifying that the details provided are true and correct. Be certain that all information is consistent on all documents or your shipment could be delayed in customs.
  • If required by the courier, a TSCA declaration and/or End Use Letter can be furnished by PTL upon request. To complete your request, you must provide the material type (chemical name).

11. Administrative fees

  • Please note that couriers may charge an administrative fee on shipments that require an FDA release.
  • If the air waybill is not marked to bill all duties and taxes to the sender (shipper), by default the courier passes this fee to PTL. Should any fees be charged to PTL on behalf of a courier or other entity during shipment, these fees will be added to the final PTL project invoice.

When Packages Can Be Received
PTL is open throughout the year Monday through Friday. Please note however, that samples are not able to be received or processed on weekends or these U.S. federal holidays:
Memorial Day – May 27
Independence Day – July 4
Labor Day – September 2
Thanksgiving – November 28 & 29
Christmas – December 24 & 25
New Year’s – December 31 & January 1, 2025

Helpful Links and Documents
1. FDA Product Code Builder website >
2. FDA Affirmation of Compliance website >
3. U.S. HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) Codes >

Set Up Sharefile® to Receive Your Final PDF Report

PTL final reports are digitally delivered using Sharefile®, a file sharing service that securely transfers encrypted documents through an easy to use online portal. When your final report is complete, you will receive an email with a link to Sharefile®, where you can log in to view your report instantly. If it is your first time using Sharefile, you will need to sign up for an account.

Step 1: Set up an account with name, company and email.

Step 2: Create your password.

Step 3: Access and download your reports.

After you sign up for your account, you will receive an email stating that you have successfully set up your Sharefile® account. Save this email for reference. It contains the link to the Sharefile® login page and the email address used to create your Sharefile® account.