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PTL – Particle Characterization Contract Analysis Services

PTL – Particle Characterization Contract Analysis Services

The Trend in Outsourced Scientific Research and Development

Outsourcing or contracting is a common practice used by companies to reduce costs and raise profits by cutting down on staff and equipment needs. Due to economic factors over the last few years, including high labor and equipment costs of in-house laboratories, outsourcing is becoming increasingly prevalent in the scientific community.

PTL Receives ACIL Customer Quality Service Award for the Eighth Consecutive Year with Special Recognition for Timeliness

PTL Receives ACIL Customer Quality Service Award for the Eighth Consecutive Year with Special Recognition for Timeliness

The American Council for Independent Laboratories (ACIL) has announced Particle Technology Labs as one of only 9 recipients of the ACIL Customer Quality Service Award for 2020. This is PTL’s eighth consecutive year in qualifying for this award.  

This year, PTL is also proud to have received special recognition for being in the top three for timeliness. The timeliness category rates the timeliness of reports, as well as the timeliness as compared to all other laboratories.

Particle Technology Labs Expanding to Provide More Technology in Porous Materials and Powder Testing

Particle Technology Labs is pleased to announce the latest expansion of our laboratory space. Over the more than 25 years since our inception, PTL has grown from a one-person operation to more than 12,500 square feet, giving us the ability to increase our already comprehensive particle size and characterization services footprint.

Anton Paar Porous Material and Powder Testing Instrumentation Added to Particle Technology Labs Manufacturer Offerings

Particle Technology Labs is pleased to announce our recent collaboration with Anton Paar, manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for particle characterization. With this collaboration, PTL will offer testing services with our newly-equipped suite of Anton Paar porous material and powder testing instrumentation.  This collaboration will also include contract testing for Anton Paar  for the midwest and eastern portion of the United States.

William Kopesky, Director of Analytical Services at PTL states, “One of our primary goals is to offer our clients diversity in instrument manufacturers in order to meet their testing needs. Adding Anton Paar to our manufacturer offerings continues to work toward this goal. With almost 30 years of experience in the independent particle characterization testing field, we can readily incorporate Anton Paar’s instrumentation into our laboratory. At the same time, we have allocated resources to successfully manage the increased contract client testing base we will now serve. We will also be able to offer ISO and cGMP compliant results to those clients which require it. We are excited to work with Anton Paar and appreciate the trust they have shown through this collaboration.”

Georg Cortolezis-Supp, CEO at Anton Paar QuantaTec, underlined the significance of the partnership: “PTL’s dedication to independent, accurate, and bias-free particle analysis testing makes them a natural fit for us as a partner,” he said. “With this collaboration, Anton Paar can continue to take forward what it does best: develop, manufacture and support the best particle and porous materials characterization instrumentation.”

The partnership’s testing services are now fully operational, with cGMP compliance for applicable instrumentation following later this year. Capabilities offered by Anton Paar’s instrumentation suite at PTL will include physisorption, chemisorption, vapor sorption, solid density analysis, and pore size analysis.

Contact Particle Technology Labs to discuss porous material and powder testing, or other particle size and characterization analysis.

Top 3 Reasons a Commercial Lab Can Get Pharma to Market Faster

Top 3 Reasons a Commercial Lab Can Get Pharma to Market Faster

You’re low on time or resources, particularly when you need a specific instrument for a specific job. As not all instruments can do any test, you need a specific test that requires a specific instrument with a validated method that can give quality results. This is what gets your drug to market. Small company, big company, doesn’t matter – you don’t want or need the hassle of knowing every little thing about every single procedure and gaining verification for that device, particularly when the device alone will break your budget. You really just want the needed information to provide data to the FDA to get your latest development to market and keep it there with as few issues as possible.