Helped me understand results

(She) was able to help me better understand my results and how I can use them for my specific purpose.

Organize documentation well

You guys organize documentation very, very well.

Very clean lab

Obviously very clean…you can tell just by looking at [the lab] there’s a high attention to detail in maintaining the instruments.

Good process of OOS

You guys have a really good process for documenting and investigating OOS.

Plenty of space, well-organized

Plenty of space…seems to be well organized…doesn’t look like our QC lab where people are literally on top of each other trying to do work.

Spoke to analyst

It was very unexpected, but welcomed, for me to be able to speak to the analyst who performed the testing. I come from the environmental laboratory industry and we would never have our analyst speak directly to a

Cleanest most maintained

Out of all the places I’ve been to, yours is probably the cleanest and most maintained lab I’ve seen.

RAMAN microscopy report

Our sincere thanks to your excellent team at Particle Technology Laboratories for this RAMAN microscopy analysis and excellent report out.

Excellent Communications

Appreciate your follow-up on our service contract.  We are very satisfied with the way you conducted your services and excellent communications in response to our questions.