• Aug 15, 2023
  • Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance
  • By Zach McNeil

Behind the Scene Heroes: A Look into PTL’s QA Team from Our Newest Reviewer

At Particle Technology Labs, it may sometimes seem as though our quality assurance team is working in the background—their presence always felt but rarely seen. But, for our clients that rely on results following cGMP guidelines and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standards, the quality team is the last line of review ensuring the reliability of results. For these clients, a quality reviewer’s signature always adorns their final report, and you may recognize a name or two if you have worked with us before. Today, however, we are bringing one of the faces behind those signatures out of the shadows.

Jaydeep (Jay) Singh is one of the new members of the QA team, the group responsible for reviewing data, final reports, laboratory investigations, and many other forms, documents, and records that are crucial to the results that PTL’s clients rely on every day. With years of experience in quality assurance roles before joining PTL, Jay has already taken on various responsibilities ranging from quality review of reports to coordinating internal audits and developing PTL’s business continuity plan.

Jay joined the team at the end of July and, since then, has been expanding his knowledge and taking on new challenges as they arise.

As one of the newest members of PTL’s quality assurance team, you bring a fresh perspective into the office. Tell us a little about your journey. What led you to PTL?

I worked in a couple of biochemical research labs since starting college, and after switching to working at a clinical laboratory, I decided to work on the quality side of things. I expanded my knowledge of quality assurance, regulation, and working with a multitude of teams on various projects. I worked with a complaint management system in a previous role, and I’m happy to be working in something of a “complaint prevention” role! I have many reasons to be excited about working at PTL: my interest in science, quality, and business (I’m set to graduate with my MBA in May 2024) make PTL a perfect place for me to apply my varied experiences and grow.

How do you see the experiences you have had along the way as useful tools for you in your role in PTL’s QA team?

I’ve worked as a biotechnologist for many years, and reading and interpreting data is kind of my thing! The clinical laboratory helped me see the applicability of my work, seeing how test results influence people’s lives. Working in complaint management made me understand the cost of poor quality and the value of good quality. That’s why I’m proud to be working in QA at PTL – I get to read data and make sure it’s valid before sending it out to our clients, using everything I’ve learned to help create valuable services.

PTL is a fairly small, but ever-growing company, and our teams often become tight-knit units. What is your typical day with the QA team like?

I love chatting with my colleagues: Oliver (QA Technical Specialist) and I talk about Seinfeld and cars, I talk to Jeff (QA and Laboratory Systems Specialist) and Andrew (QA Associate) about video games and life in general, and Amy (QA and Methods Compliance Manager) and I can chat for hours on end about anything and everything. They are all extremely helpful as I continue to learn more about the details of the company every day.

The quality review of data is a very important step in PTL’s process for many of our clients across various industries. What, in your eyes, makes the quality review so pivotal?

Quality review is pivotal because it’s a set of eyes dedicated to seeing errors that can easily overlooked by others. It’s the last line of review before the customer sees the final product, and those extra eyes catch what fell through the cracks in previous steps so they can be corrected before the final results are out – that’s the role of any dedicated QA department. Moreover, we review the organization as a whole, implement necessary processes, and keep needed information organized and accessible to ensure that our results are valid.

Anything else you would like to add, either about your experiences at PTL or about yourself, before we wrap things up?

I’ve now worked at several organizations, and I can confidently say that PTL is unique in how nurturing it is. People learn and grow here, and that has a hugely positive impact on the quality of our services. It itself is a tight-knit organization, and I’m lucky to find myself here and that I can add to it in the way that I can.

Here at PTL, we take pride in the quality results we provide, and our clients can count on Jay and the rest of the team to deliver reliable data to meet all of their particle characterization needs. Get in touch with our team today to get started!

By Zach McNeil, Senior Technical Writer.