• Jul 28, 2020
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Particle Technology Labs Hosts North Central College Student Intern

Particle Technology Labs is pleased to be hosting Jackson Sheeman, a Chemistry major at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois under a new 10-week internship program newly launched this summer.

Jackson was selected as the first Chemistry major to enter this new partnership between our laboratory and North Central College’s Chemistry Department.  Under the leadership of Dr. Jeffery Jankowski, Professor of Chemistry, this internship program was created to provide NCC Chemistry students an opportunity to actively work in a laboratory setting, giving them increased exposure to their career path.

“I am very grateful to Particle Technology Labs for creating this internship program and for the partnership established with NCC.  Having done an internship myself in college, I know first-hand the immense value such an experience can have and it is something I want for all of our students.  PTL has great staff, instrumentation and resources and the projects they work on are incredibly interesting.  This internship was designed to provide NCC Chemistry majors with the opportunity to gain valuable, ‘real world’ lab experience and to witness the many other aspects of chemistry as a business.  This is also an excellent opportunity for NCC and PTL to work together and I am very excited about this collaboration.”

Dr. Jeffery Jankowski, Professor of Chemistry, North Central College

During his 10-week internship, Jackson is training and working in our laser diffraction particle size department, learning about particle technology, real world applications, and life as a working chemist in a faced-paced service laboratory. Stated Bethany Sprys, Jackson’s lab mentor, “We are very excited to partner with NCC on this internship program.  We are happy to have Jackson in the lab to gain experience in the particle sizing world and to learn the day-to-day operations of a laboratory setting.”

Despite hardships presented by the Coronavirus to both PTL and the college, the program has been successful for all involved. We are happy to have taken part in this initial partnership with NCC, and hope that our collective accomplishments pave the way for future endeavors between North Central College, its students, and PTL.

As we are nearing the end of the 10-week program, we wish Jackson only the best as he enters his senior year at NCC. We look forward to his contributions in the Chemistry field once he graduates!

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