demystifying zeta potential
Physical Measurement

Demystifying Zeta Potential

Confused on what a zeta potential measurement is and when it’s useful? You are not alone. In this helpful Q and A, Laboratory Division Manager Ryan Keefer walks us through the basics of zeta potential, points out factors

Man conducting gas adsorption test at PTL
Surface Area

FAQ’s on Gas Adsorption Surface Area Measurements

Have you found yourself confused about how best to determine the surface area of your sample?  How does the analysis work? What does “BET” mean? How many points do I need to collect? What is the appropriate analysis

PTL News

Industry Leader Particle Technology Labs Marks 30th Anniversary

Independent Lab Provides Scientific Data for Making Big Decisions This year marks Particle Technology Labs’ (PTL) 30th anniversary as a premier particle characterization research and advisory company. Founded in March 1992, PTL serves as a trusted advisor to the world’s

Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance

OOS Investigations at the Contract Lab

Out of specification (OOS) results are bound to occur at a testing laboratory. It is important that your contract lab investigates the unexpected results in a timely and thorough way. An OOS result occurs when an analytical result

Particle Size

FAQs on Particle Size Distribution Results from Particle Counters

Have you ever requested a particle size distribution test from PTL and received two sets of data: number-weighted and volume-weighted—only to wonder why and which one is better? A fish tank analogy helps explain the difference. Picture a

Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance

Three Things Your Particle Size Contract Lab Needs to Know to Match Your Specifications

Particle size specifications are designed to ensure raw ingredients and products perform as expected. Often, companies are required to verify that their material is meeting these specifications regardless of which supplier is used. Using a contract lab for

Pore Size

Through-Pore Galore: Face Masks, Filters, and More!

You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate the importance of filtration in our world today. Face masks and air filtration systems have been employed for protection against a pathogen in a pandemic and against harmful particulates

Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance

What Is Method Validation and Might You Need It?

By Shane Hill Confidence, reliability—ultimately peace of mind. In short, this is the takeaway following an analytical test method validation. Do you work in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or the environmental realm? All of these fields, and more, benefit greatly

Image Analysis

Using Image Analysis to Answer Your Most Challenging Particle Characterization Questions

The possibilities are endless when it comes to image analysis. Over the years, the experts at Particle Technology Labs have developed and validated countless particle characterization methods using microscopic image analysis, and the wealth of information from these tests