liquid dispersion analysis testing
Laser Diffraction

Considerations for Stable, Consistent Results Using Laser Diffraction

Reliable and stable results with laser diffraction are achieved by understanding trends through repeat testing. At PTL, several measurements are typically done in each liquid dispersion analysis with a delay between each measurement to observe if any trending

Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance

Electronic Records and Signatures: Compliance in the 21st Century

Data integrity is crucial to assuring reliable data. For that reason, PTL has considered and implemented systems that ensure information and data security, integrity, and compliance. 21 CFR Part 11[1] is the key guidance for handling electronic records

rheology is the concept behind testing how paint dries
Physical Measurement

The World of Rheology

Oils and Gels and Creams, Oh My! Ever wonder if some folks do find watching paint dry interesting? Welcome to the world of rheology! What is Rheology? The Oxford Dictionary defines rheology as, “the branch of physics that

Dynamic Light Scattering
Particle Size

Dynamic Light Scattering: Frequently Asked Questions

Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS), or Quasi-Elastic Light Scattering (QELS) – this technique goes by many names, but what does it measure, how is it measured, and what do the results mean? From John Tyndall’s

PTL Website Article
PTL News

Particle Technology Labs Launches New Branding and Website

Have you noticed? Particle Technology Labs recently launched a new brand identity and website. If you are a PTL customer, you may have already seen our new logo on PTL reports. PTL website users will find the new

Particle Size

An Overview of Sieving

Enmeshed in the World – An Overview of Sieving Sieving is an analytical technique that has withstood the test of time due to its excellent ability to quickly provide the particle size distribution over a wide analytical range.

PTL News

The Evolution of Particle Technology Labs and a 30-Year Career

In 1992, Lisa Jandacek, a stay-at-home mom, decided to pick up a 10-hour-a-month contract work with a new sci-tech startup called Particle Technology Labs. She’d be in accounting. The founder and sole full-time employee, Richard F. Karuhn, would

Physical Measurement

Much Ado About Density: An Overview of Density for Solid Materials

Understanding the differences in density types is key to requesting the most appropriate analysis for your sample type and needs. This blog will explain some of the different density analyses for solids offered by PTL. All density types

Surface Area

An Introduction to Surface Area

Surface area is an important property of solids with many industrial applications. This article will cover what surface area is, what affects it, how it is determined and how does gas adsorption work in the laboratory on a