Image Analysis

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Particle Technology Labs offers an encompassing array of particle size and characterization services, providing key information for research, formulation and manufacturing purposes across many different industry segments. When it comes to imaging sample materials, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) is one

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Particle Technology Labs & Engineers Without Borders USA Provide Water to Villagers in Sabhung, Nepal

Particle Technology Labs is very proud to announce a recent contribution to an Engineers Without Borders USA project. Engineers Without Borders USA is an organization which works with developing communities around the world to empower them to sustainably

Chorthip “Chip” Peeraphatdit and our Micromeritics Tristar II 3020.
Pore Size

Surface Area and Porosity Analyses Available at PTL

The value of knowing the surface area and porosity of a material cannot be underestimated. Surface area affects the dissolution rate in powders, including pharmaceuticals, as well as the adsorption rate of filtration and purifying materials such as

Laser Diffraction

Problems in Particle Size: Laser Diffraction Observations

KEY POINTS The following key points are discussed: It is important that the results generated by a particle size analysis are thoroughly understood in the context of their appropriate application. The identification and correction of problems encountered in

Micron Ranged Particle Sizing Techniques
Particle Size

An Overview of Micron-Ranged Particle Sizing Techniques

INTRODUCTION Given the wide range of particle sizing technologies and instrumentation on the market, the choice of measurement technique can be daunting, especially if one is unfamiliar with the options available. Once introduced and familiar with an individual

Image Analysis

Blending of Log Normal Particle Size Distribution Data from Multiple Image Analyses Into Single Continuous Data Set

ABSTRACT Image analysis is one method by which particle size may be measured. In many cases, it is considered the “gold standard” of particle size measurement and is often used to verify the results of other techniques. Sample

Particle Shape Factors and Their Use in Image Analysis
Image Analysis

Particle Shape Factors and Their Use in Image Analysis Part II: Practical Applications

ABSTRACT The first installment of this two-part discussion concluded by stating a single linear measurement (i.e., circular equivalent diameter) may not be adequate to describe a typical non-spherical particle with some degree of surface roughness. There are various

Particle Shape Factors and Their Use in Image Analysis
Image Analysis

Particle Shape Factors and Their Use in Image Analysis – Part 1: Theory

ABSTRACT Fine particles are often characterized by their particle size and distribution as determined by various analytical instruments. Particle shape may be just as important as particle size. Particle shape, however, is often ignored or disregarded. Image analysis

Surface Area

The Importance of Sample Preparation When Measuring Specific Surface Area

ABSTRACT Specific surface area is a fundamental measurement in the field of fine particle characterization. Specific surface area measurements have numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality applications. Compliance professionals should have a general understanding of the principles, procedures, and