• Dec 15, 2022
  • PTL News
  • By PTL

Particle Technology Labs Launches New Branding and Website

Have you noticed? Particle Technology Labs recently launched a new brand identity and website.

If you are a PTL customer, you may have already seen our new logo on PTL reports. PTL website users will find the new site easier to navigate and the testing services more fully explained. In the process of creating the site, we also took the opportunity to refresh the look of our brand to better capture PTL’s position as a leader in the particle testing industry and our particular strength providing insightful analyses.

PTL President and CEO Richard J. Karuhn commented on the logo, “It was time,” he explained. “The old logo seemed fine but upon seeing a new alternative, we quickly saw the potential to better express a more modern look and the distinctive benefit PTL brings to customers through expert analytical services.”

New, more user-friendly website

The new PTL website not only modernizes PTL’s look, but provides a much-improved experience for you—our customers. It is now easier to find topical articles on subjects of interest, as well as to more easily and thoroughly understand the purpose, benefits, considerations, and specifics of PTL’s 30+ core testing services. In addition, sample data outputs can now be easily filtered by type of technique and immediately viewed.

Particle Technology Labs—and particle technology itself—has certainly grown and evolved over the last few years. As we celebrate our 30th year, we wanted both our logo and website to more accurately reflect those advancements. Let us know what you think!