• Feb 25, 2022
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Industry Leader Particle Technology Labs Marks 30th Anniversary

Independent Lab Provides Scientific Data for Making Big Decisions

This year marks Particle Technology Labs’ (PTL) 30th anniversary as a premier particle characterization research and advisory company. Founded in March 1992, PTL serves as a trusted advisor to the world’s leading pharmaceutical, industrial, public sector, and scientific organizations.

PTL 30th logo Richard F. Karuhn, began this Chicago-area independent lab with a single particle counting instrument and a commitment to providing data that would shape his clients’ business decisions. Very soon, environmental, legal, pharmaceutical and government entities relied upon PTL to provide characterization services.

“Particle characterization is a very niche field but it impacts essentially every industry in some way. Behind the scenes, people are looking at the data and making big decisions in many different industries,” notes Particle Technology Labs’ William Kopesky, EVP and Director of Analytical Service.

Particle Technology Labs is set apart from others by their independent status: they are not owned by a manufacturer or subsidiary of a larger company. Expert analysts generate unbiased particle characterization research information that is precise, comprehensive, and renowned for its independence and unique analytical insight.

Focus on the Microscopic Leads to Worldwide Impact

Numerous samples can come through PTL’s doors in any given week, including: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, aquarium water, various food products, nutraceuticals, CBD oil, fireworks, bamboo fibers, animal feed, flavorings and much, much more. PTL’s clients trust the lab to provide insights and statistical analysis that improve the quality, look, taste and even the life-saving ability of products.

With a variety of advanced instrumentation, PTL’s team of dedicated scientists and technicians can conduct a comprehensive array of tests on a variety of substances. The data from these tests help answer such questions as:

  • Is this aquarium water safe for some of the world’s rarest fish?
  • Will a non-active substance help stabilize a life-saving drug when swallowed?
  • Can this ceramic material withstand orbit in outer space?
  • Does water exposed to space have anti-microbial properties?
  • What size should my filter be to trap foreign bodies?
  • How can the taste of each cup of special blend coffee remain consistent?
  • Will this textile maintain its color in exceptionally humid conditions?

Knowing answers to such questions equips PTL clients to grow, innovate, find solutions and prevent problems.

Human Expertise Enhances Advanced Technology

The PTL team of professionals include experts in chemistry, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and client relations and customer care.

The company recognizes that even with the most advanced technology and scientific instruments, it is the human factor that has contributed most to PTL’s success. “I truly believe that the key to our 30-year success goes back to our founder’s firm belief that particle size is not a one-size-fits-all science,” reflects Lisa Jandacek, EVP and Director of Operations, “and that for every sample type and condition, there is an optimal particle size characterization approach that will yield the most accurate results. Our team members seek out the best approach for each of our clients.”

Learn more about Particle Technology Labs in our video Why Particle Technology Labs with William Kopesky, EVP, Director of Analytical Services and Kelli Hubert, Customer Service Manager.

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