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Lights, Camera, Surface Area!

So, you have a sample and you really want to show it off. You know you want surface area information, but what kind? How much surface area does it have? Does it have pores? If so, how big

Surface Area

An Introduction to Surface Area

Surface area is an important property of solids with many industrial applications. This article will cover what surface area is, what affects it, how it is determined and how does gas adsorption work in the laboratory on a

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Surface Area

FAQ’s on Gas Adsorption Surface Area Measurements

Have you found yourself confused about how best to determine the surface area of your sample?  How does the analysis work? What does “BET” mean? How many points do I need to collect? What is the appropriate analysis

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Gas Adsorption & Porosimetry Analyses at PTL

At Particle Technology Labs, our trained chemists perform routine as well as advanced material characterization analysis services. They also conduct method developments, validations and execute transfer protocols all while solving complex problems for clients from a variety of

Surface Area

New at PTL – 3Flex Surface and Catalyst Characterization

Particle Technology Labs is pleased to announce the installation of our newest advanced instrument, the Micromeritics 3Flex Surface Characterization Analyzer. The 3Flex instrument is capable of high-performance chemisorption and physisorption (mesopore and micropore) analyses with superior accuracy, resolution, and

Chorthip “Chip” Peeraphatdit and our Micromeritics Tristar II 3020.
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Surface Area and Porosity Analyses Available at PTL

The value of knowing the surface area and porosity of a material cannot be underestimated. Surface area affects the dissolution rate in powders, including pharmaceuticals, as well as the adsorption rate of filtration and purifying materials such as

Surface Area

The Importance of Sample Preparation When Measuring Specific Surface Area

ABSTRACT Specific surface area is a fundamental measurement in the field of fine particle characterization. Specific surface area measurements have numerous pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality applications. Compliance professionals should have a general understanding of the principles, procedures, and