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Realizing the Potential in Surface Zeta Potential: An Introduction to the SurPASS 3

The Surface Potential Analyzer of Solid Surfaces, or more aptly named SurPASS, is an instrument that performs zeta potential analyses on macroscopic materials. PTL has long conducted analyses with an instrument capable of Zeta Potential. So, is adding

rheology is the concept behind testing how paint dries
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The World of Rheology

Oils and Gels and Creams, Oh My! Ever wonder if some folks do find watching paint dry interesting? Welcome to the world of rheology! What is Rheology? The Oxford Dictionary defines rheology as, “the branch of physics that

Physical Measurement

Much Ado About Density: An Overview of Density for Solid Materials

Understanding the differences in density types is key to requesting the most appropriate analysis for your sample type and needs. This blog will explain some of the different density analyses for solids offered by PTL. All density types

Physical Measurement

Water Woes or Water Win? Probing Water Vapor Uptake and Release with Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS)

Water is one of the most important substances on earth, yet it can also be the source of some major headaches throughout the lifecycle of a product. Uptake of moisture from the environment could cause unwanted changes in

demystifying zeta potential
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Demystifying Zeta Potential

Confused on what a zeta potential measurement is and when it’s useful? You are not alone. In this helpful Q and A, Laboratory Division Manager Ryan Keefer walks us through the basics of zeta potential, points out factors

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Say Cheese … a Snapshot of Flowability in Cheese Powder!

Moisture Impact on Powders The physical properties of powders directly impact their processability. This probably isn’t a surprise to anyone, especially if you are previously aware of Particle Technology Labs and what we do for a living! Powder

Physical Measurement

What is the Difference Between Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

Spring is upon us, and with it comes fluctuating weather conditions! You’re enjoying some warmer days, but also a little worried how the extreme changes in temperature may affect your products. Thermal analysis can help you better understand

Particle Size

PTL Now Conducting Analyses for Hemp Derived CBD Oil and Emulsions Containing ≤0.3% THC

Particle Technology Labs is now conducting analyses for hemp derived CBD oil and emulsions containing ≤0.3% THC. Bioavailability, efficacy, and stability are just some characteristics of food and drug formulations that are attributed to specific particle size. At

Physical Measurement

PTL Installs New Humidity Chamber for Pre-analysis Conditioning

During the course of manufacturing, packaging, storage, or transportation, materials are often exposed to a variety of environmental factors, including differences in temperature and humidity. These changes can affect materials in ways which may impact the quality, reliability,