3 different sized apples representing different testing needs for the same type of sample
Particle Size

What Does Particle Size Testing by “Best Method” Mean?

In the intricate world of materials science and engineering, the significance of particle size cannot be overstated. The dimensions of particles play a pivotal role in determining the physical, chemical, and mechanical properties of materials, influencing everything from

Jaydeep (Jay) Singh
Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance

Behind the Scene Heroes: A Look into PTL’s QA Team from Our Newest Reviewer

At Particle Technology Labs, it may sometimes seem as though our quality assurance team is working in the background—their presence always felt but rarely seen. But, for our clients that rely on results following cGMP guidelines and ISO/IEC

comparing tests results
Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance

USP <1010> for Beginners: An Introduction to Procedure Comparison Studies at PTL

USP <1010> Analytical Data – Interpretation and Treatment provides information regarding the statistical treatment of data generated for chemical and other analyses, with a goal of sound decision-making throughout pharmaceutical development and production. The chapter touches on evaluating

Particle Technology Labs ACIL Customer Quality Service Award 2023-2024
Customer Service

PTL Receives Special Recognition for Customer Satisfaction

The American Council for Independent Laboratories (ACIL) has announced Particle Technology Labs as one of only ten (10) laboratories receiving the nationwide 2023 ACIL Customer Quality Service Award. This is PTL’s eleventh consecutive year in qualifying for this award.

Woman looking through microscope for particle size testing
Laser Diffraction

Welcome to the Laser Diffraction Department at Particle Technology Labs! 

Let’s take a look around the lab space and get to know the equipment we use to produce comprehensive and reliable particle size distribution data for you. PTL receives samples from around the world, and across multiple industries,

Partical Technology Labs on surface area
Pore Size

Lights, Camera, Surface Area!

So, you have a sample and you really want to show it off. You know you want surface area information, but what kind? How much surface area does it have? Does it have pores? If so, how big

ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 accreditation for Capillary Flow and Technical Cleanliness Test
Quality Assurance and Methods Compliance

PTL’s Capillary Flow and Technical Cleanliness Test Receive NEW ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 Accreditation

In addition to a recent ISO/IEC accreditation extension, PTL received a new accreditation for two highly sought-after tests. “Our latest tests garnering ISO compliance are the standard test method for pore size characteristics of geotextiles by capillary flow

Particle Size

Dynamic Light Scattering Problems and Solutions: Unexpected Results and False Positives

Have you ever wondered why your Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) results occasionally and without obvious cause don’t meet your specifications? The answer might lie in the technique’s unique relationship with sampling probabilities and false positive results. To truly

Automotive parts particle analysis
Particle Size

Automotive Part Cleanliness

Understanding the nature and composition of particles present both on and within automotive components is a critical analytical testing service PTL provides the automotive industry. Particles released from mechanical parts not only can shorten the life of the