Jackie Balog

Jackie Balog
Particle Characterization Chemist III and Team Leader

Jackie Balog is a Particle Characterization Chemist III and Team Leader in the Laser Diffraction department at Particle Technology Labs. Jackie joined PTL as an Order Entry Specialist in 2019 before eventually advancing to her current role. As an integral part of the laboratory team, she consistently works to provide accurate, quality results according to cGMP, ISO/IEC 17025, and PTL standards.

As one of PTL’s Team Leaders, Ms. Balog is responsible for assisting in method validation, method verification, and method development projects related to the Laser Diffraction technique as well as coordinating projects with her team. Ms. Balog is experienced with the array of Laser Diffraction instrumentation at PTL and plays a key role in data and project review.

Ms. Balog received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from Lewis University.

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