Employee Recognition

Jeff Furger

Particle Technology Labs has awarded Jeff Furger (Particle Characterization Chemist IV / Laboratory Systems Specialist) with the annual President’s Award for 2022-2023. During his eight years with us, Jeff has proven time and again that he is not only an indispensable member of the PTL team but a valuable resource for our clients. With his transition into the role of Laboratory Systems Specialist, Jeff has piloted several instrument repairs, installations, and other crucial laboratory system maintenance projects—delivering business value while preserving the commitment to quality that PTL’s clients have come to expect.

Daily, Jeff demonstrates his years of expertise in particle technology and his depth of knowledge across numerous techniques. PTL team members and our clients alike can count on Jeff to competently tackle challenging technical questions, and, with a focus on analytical integrity, he is dedicated to exploring all avenues to ensure PTL provides the most accurate and quality results possible. His consistent excellent service, years of experience, and attention to quality and analytical integrity make Jeff a respected and important part of the PTL team, and we all look forward to more years collaborating with him. Congratulations, Jeff!

Zach McNeil

Particle Technology Labs has awarded Zach McNeil (Senior Customer Service Associate) with the annual President’s Award for 2022-2023. Zach has been with PTL since 2016, when he first joined the customer service team as an Order Entry Specialist, processing incoming sample submission orders with a keen eye for detail along with a customer-focused approach.

Three years later he further transitioned to provide more support with customer service by joining the report writing team while still retaining some vital responsibilities in the orders realm. Today, he is a Senior Customer Service Associate splitting his primary duties as a report writer and trainer for new writers, as well as helping maintain our overall reporting system for customers. In addition, he contributes to our marketing department, social campaigns, and in web design as well.

Zach’s greatest superpower is his always consistent, calm, and professional demeanor towards PTL’s customers and coworkers. He maintains his composure and is able to provide a high-quality product (i.e. final report) for the laboratory staff and ultimately, our clients. He has been a very valued PTL staff member since Day 1 and we envision more positive contributions in his future. Congratulations, Zach!

President’s Award

2019/2020 – Farooq Hussain
2018/2019 – Cody Langellier
2017/2018 – Jennifer Maison
2016/2017 – Colin Buckley
2015/2016 – Shane Hill
2014/2015 – Oliver Urbanek, Arnette Schultz
2013/2014 – Eric Olsen, Aubrey Montana

Safety Award

2020 – Gina Kahl
2019 – Katie Carling
2018 – Katie Hallenbeck
2017 – Crystal Reynolds
2016 – Gina Kahl

Exemplary Service Award

Rebecca Borghi
Jackie Balog

April 2019
Debbie Deady
Gina Kahl

October 2019
Abigail Starus
Bethany Sprys

April 2018
Jeff Furger
Bartek Redlinski

October 2018
Maya Navarro
Jakub Strycharz

April 2017
Rebecca Wolfrom
Maggie Zotti

October 2017
Andy Hladilek
Zach McNeil

April 2016
Tammy Munro
Elizabeth Fitzgerald

October 2016
Aaron Langer
Jennifer Rodriguez

April 2015
Michael Vinakos
Gail Collins

October 2015
Jamal Johnson
Debbie Deady

April 2014
Crystal Reynolds
Shane Hill

October 2014
Justin Williams
Alex Alvarez

April 2013
Michael Turano
Jorie Kassel

October 2013
Miranda Garcia
Ryan Keefer