Chemical industry


Chemical components are used in countless manufactured goods, and, as such, the uses of particle size and characterization for chemical manufacturers are virtually limitless. Particle Technology Labs provides results that manufacturers can depend on to ensure product quality or to troubleshoot defects or problems in the manufacturing process.


Raw Material Performance – the particles in a material good’s composition can have great effect on the performance of the finished product. Particle size and characterization of the chemical components in coatings, polymers, metals, ceramics, and more determine the safety, quality, and properties of a material; including durability, machinability, and sustainability.

Milling Efficiency – many chemical components are ground or milled. Determining the particle size before and after milling allow manufacturers to understand milling efficiency; saving time and energy in production. Achieving the desired particle size prevents batch rejection and subsequent reprocessing.

Plastics – the thermal properties of plastics, such as the melting point, glass transition temperature, and decomposition temperature can be evaluated by Particle Technology Labs’ experts. Understanding the thermal properties of a plastic can aid in the design of a production or predict failure of critical parts.

Cement – the structural stability, material handling, and reaction rate of cement are all dictated by the particle sizes of the various components in its composition. Structural engineers and cement manufacturers rely on the particle size and surface area analyses offered by Particle Technology Labs to design improved cement mixtures, predict performance, and set specifications for products to ensure public safety.

Sample Materials

Oils and Lubricants

This is only a small representation of the material types we have analyzed for the chemical industry. Please contact us with any questions, or fill out a quote request form for all of your particle characterization needs. We look forward to hearing from you.