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Ceramic materials are lightweight, durable, and chemical and heat-resistant, leading to their use in wide-ranging industries such as aerospace, construction, medicine, sports equipment and more. The physical characteristics of the materials involved in ceramic production should be consistent to ensure the quality of final products. Particle Technology Labs offers valuable services to the ceramics industry to aid in the development and production processes.


Raw Material Performance – ceramic components and products are made from powders, including oxides, carbides, and minerals ranging in particle sizes from nanometers to micrometers. The particle size and shape of these powders affect the quality, mechanical properties, and performance of the final products. Particle Technology Labs can offer insight into these properties to help achieve peak performance.

Development and Production Control – the final outcome of ceramic manufacturing is highly dependent upon the physical properties of the powdered ceramic material and the way in which it disperses during production. The reliable particle characterization offered by Particle Technology Labs is an important step toward ceramic component development and managing production control.

Sample Materials

Aluminum Nitride
Aluminum Oxide Barium
Beta-tricalcium Phosphate
Biological Ceramics
Boron Carbide
Iron Oxide
Magnesium Silicates
Silicon Aluminum
Silicon Carbide
Silicon Dioxide
Silicon Nitride
Titanium Dioxide
Yttrium Carbonate
Zinc Oxide

This is only a small representation of the material types we have analyzed for the ceramics industry. Please contact us with any questions, or fill out a quote request form for all of your particle characterization needs. We look forward to hearing from you.