Industries Served

The applications for particle characterization results are as endless as the types of industries we serve.

Using a variety of particle characterization techniques, PTL works with many types of industries. We can assist a pharmaceutical company with an FDA approval, help a cosmetic company improve product performance, troubleshoot a material behavior issue in the ceramics industry, or help engineers select the correct filters for industrial water filtration systems.

Our mission is to continuously provide a high level of quality service to our customers. Our knowledge of particle characterization allows us to address unique problems and provide the insight our clients need to succeed. We strive to establish long-lasting relationships built upon mutual collaboration and trust. We work closely with every client to ensure delivery of accurate, reliable, and insightful results.

No matter your industry, PTL is the comprehensive solution for all your unique particle characterization needs.

Below are some ways our clients in different industries use analycal results from PTL.


Aerospace & Automotive

Aerospace and automotive components work under extreme conditions. Temperature, strain and other factors create technical challenges that require reliable testing of particles in structural materials to ensure that safe, quality components are being manufactured for use in aircraft and vehicles.

Agriculture Industry


Particle size and characterization analyses provide the agricultural industry with results that ensure regulations are met. Valuable analytical information can help improve the quality of pharmaceuticals for veterinary use, feed, soil drainage, fertilizer potency, dust control, and much more.


Beauty & Cosmetic

PTL analyzes many different products in the beauty and cosmetic industry including make-up, moisturizers, powders, sunscreens, lotions and creams just to name a few. Cosmetic products contain particulate and emulsions that require specific distributions for coverage and other desired performance. Particulate also affects the appearance, stability and protection value of different products including sunscreen. 



Ceramic materials are lightweight, durable, chemical and heat-resistant, leading to extensive use in aerospace, construction, medicine, sports equipment and many other industries. 



The particles in a material's composition affect the performance of all manufactured goods. The particle size and characterization of raw materials in coatings, polymers, metals, ceramics and others determine the safety, quality, and properties of a material such as durability, machinability and sustainability.



Particle size analyses offer precision results which are essential to evaluating air, water, and other materials for environmental applications. From our indoor air quality to the environment of our planet, particle size and characterization results can verify quality, compliance with regulated safety standards, or offer solutions to air, water or filter manufacturing issues.

Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage

The size and shape of particles in our food not only affect the taste and texture, but also the nutritional characteristics and digestive properties. Additionally, the quality, processing and packaging of food during production is dependent on the size and shape of particles, bulk and tap density, and flow properties of ingredients.

Ink, Pigment and Paint Industry

Ink, Pigment & Paint

Particle size, particle shape, and the concentration of ingredients and additives affect the behavior, coverage, vibrance, and longevity of ink, pigments and paints. Because ink and pigments are used in everything from commercial printing presses to textiles and powder coating to household paints/stains, the material behavior of ink and pigments is crucial to a wide variety of industries and applications.

Ink, Pigment and Paint Industry

Medical Device

Powdered materials used in manufacturing, and particulate produced during normal wear of medical devices are analyzed for particle size and shape characteristics to ensure that products meet strict quality and safety standards. Meeting these specifications and standards is crucial in the medical industry for patient safety.

Ink, Pigment and Paint Industry

Petrochemical, Oil and Gas

PTL provides particle size and characterization analyses on many materials in the petrochemical industry including gasoline, oil, lubricants, distillates, alternative fuels and other products. 

Ink, Pigment and Paint Industry


PTL is recognized by the U.S. pharma industry as an expert in the field of particle characterization. Not only do we perform thousands of individual analyses, many particle characterization methods and techniques are developed and validated for our pharma clients each year.

Ink, Pigment and Paint Industry

Research Universities

Particle Technology Labs is an independent laboratory. Test instrumentation is selected on the basis of merit, never due to business relationships with vendors. Laboratory staff design tests and select from our wide range of instruments with one goal in mind: accurate, independent, particle characterization test results.