Employee Recognition

Cody Langellier, 2018/2019 President's Award

2018/2019 President's Award
Cody Langellier

Particle Technology Labs is proud to recognize the achievements of Cody Langellier (Particle Characterization Chemist III), who has been honored with the 2018/2019 President’s Award. The President's Award is selected annually for an individual who demonstrates a high commitment to PTL's business values. Cody’s natural leadership and teaching ability, along with his kind and patient nature, are appreciated by colleagues and clients alike. He is well skilled in particle technology and instrumentation. He answers questions in a thorough and professional manner, taking the time to understand the nuances of materials, goals, issues and client need. He is a trusted resource throughout the laboratory, offering his expertise across departments. His willingness to continually learn new skills is proof of his enthusiasm for his work, and his membership in PTL’s safety committee is evidence of his commitment to PTL as a whole. Cody consistently goes above and beyond, and we are truly grateful for his professionalism and his various contributions throughout the laboratory. Congratulations, Cody!
Katie Carling, Annual Safety Award 2019

Annual Safety Award 2019
Katie Carling

Particle Technology Labs has awarded Katie Carling (Particle Characterization Chemist I) with the Annual Safety Award for April 2019. Katie has proven to be diligent and vigilant when it comes to safety in the lab. In her time at PTL, Katie has recommended innovative and intelligent improvements to our current safety program. As PTL is constantly striving to improve our existing safety protocols, Katie’s keen eye for lab safety is a valued asset to our team. Through her efforts, we look forward to a safer future here at PTL. Congratulations, Katie!
Debbie Deady, Exemplary Service Award

Exemplary Service Award
Debbie Deady

Particle Technology Labs has awarded Debbie Deady (QA Documentation Specialist / Safety Administrator) with the biannual peer-nominated Exemplary Service Award for April 2019. Debbie’s organizational expertise and commitment to quality at every level has positively impacted both the work environment of PTL and the quality services that our customers receive. In her time at PTL, she has improved safety in the workplace and documentation practices. Her professional and courteous attitude, excellence in customer service, and attention to detail have made Debbie a valuable member of the PTL team on whom the staff within the lab can always rely. Congratulations, Debbie!
Debbie Deady, Exemplary Service Award

Exemplary Service Award
Gina Kahl

Particle Technology Labs has awarded Gina Kahl (Senior Lab Technician) with the biannual peer-nominated Exemplary Service Award for April 2019. Efficiency and excellence define Gina’s every day of work at PTL. In her role as a Senior Lab Technician, she is always helpful, patient, and goal-driven. Whether interacting with fellow employees or clients, Gina is continually dedicated to professionalism and respect. While working in the lab, she ensures that safety and quality are at the forefront in order to deliver the best results possible. Her commitment to quality and integrity and her positive presence bring value to our customers and to our workplace. Congratulations, Gina!

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