Particle Technology Labs (PTL) is the world’s leading particle characterization testing and advisory company. We work with major organizations across both public and private sectors. Our unique scope and expansive knowledge of particle technology enables us to provide the insight and perspective necessary for our clients to make the right decisions.

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Comprehensive Particle Characterization Testing

Particle Technology Labs specializes in over 40 particle size and characterization techniques.

Particle Size Distribution

Various approaches for measuring the size, shape and/or concentration of particles within a sample depending on the analytical technique and sample properties.

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Adsorption & Porosimetry

Techniques to determine the surface area and pore properties of a sample using various gases, vapors or liquids.

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Particle Identification / Speciation

Techniques such as SEM/EDS and Raman Spectroscopy which aid in identifying the elemental or material composition of a sample.

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Powder Flowability

Tests which characterize a powder’s bulk behavior during activities such as transport, aeration, packing, compression, etc.

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Thermal Analyses

Techniques to investigate how a sample is affected by heating and cooling such as melting point, glass transition and decomposition temperature.

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Zeta Potential Analysis

An analytical approach to evaluate how submicrometer particles interact within aqueous suspensions which in turn can give insight into suspension stability.

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Renowned for Independence, Objectivity and Unique Analytical Insight

Unparalleled Quality Management Systems

Particle Technology Lab’s unwavering commitment to our quality management systems and laboratory practices assure data are generated according to the highest standards in particle characterization.

Accreditations, Registrations and Licenses


PTL is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 compliant laboratory. View full accreditation certificate.


Our facility is FDA registered and inspected, hosting over 30 audits per year from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.


PTL is DEA licensed and approved to handle schedule II through V controlled substances.


Particle Technology Labs holds an ATF permit for analyzing pyrotechnic materials.

The Trusted Partner of Global Leaders In Every Major Industry Sector

Particle Technology Labs’ clients include many of the top corporations, universities,
local government, start-ups and non-profits around the world.

“We are delighted with the excellent work and the report for this analysis. It helped us immensely.”

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